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Recently China inverter products for success abroad

2014-09-19 22:50:07 Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co.,Ltd 阅读

Given the huge demand for domestic inverter market, foreign automation giant entered the Chinese market continues to gain market share, squeezing domestic transformer market space, so some automation brands to open up overseas markets, but also achieved good success.

British Witten developed 1000Kw / 1000V medium voltage inverter device into the Australian coal fields, becoming the region's first set of successful application of Chinese medium-voltage power inverter. This inverter system INVT CHV100 medium pressure series inverter, dual CPU (DSPMCU) control platform, effectively compatible synchronous motors and asynchronous motor drive control with master-slave synchronization control, V / F separation control, the environment and motor temperature detection and many other extensions, full use of the product to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency, and to meet the specific individual needs of industrial customers.

At the same time, the solution uses the British Witten own products PLC & HMI monitoring program, the Office of the inverter can be remotely controlled, very easy to use.

At present, China's inverter has great appeal, the formation of a certain market size, potential capacity of objectivity to attract a lot of new participants. In such a situation, the growing competition coming up, how to create their own blue ocean in this market, how to make the product performance to a higher level, which is a competitor of each industry should consider. In the "second five" energy saving wind blowing, the new drive should also have energy-saving features, which for the future development and change in the industry structure of the inverter also has a very large significance and reference value.

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