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Warm congratulations to bring into mechanical and Jiangmen Heng Chong Plastics Machinery Hefei, Anhui distributor formally signed

2014-09-19 22:49:59 Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co.,Ltd 阅读

May 17 afternoon, carrying into Jiangmen Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Fu Chi Heng wave and Hefei Jin Jiang Chong Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., general manager of formal cooperation becomes authorized distributor in Anhui area, carrying a machine on the road again to open up the domestic market has taken a solid step forward.

Hengchuang plastic carry into the fate and Jiangmen from very early, and Jiang after comprehensive investigation and understanding that carry a high-end machinery products, attentive service, the key is the cost is very high, so decided to bring into mechanical cooperation with industry to develop the micro market.

Jiang visited in person to bring into mechanical and guidance, the right to bring a professional production process is very satisfied, one can buy a chiller, mold temperature machine, drying machine, blending machine large number of devices. Throughout the process of cooperation, Jiang is authorized to carry a "use our products allow manufacturers to increase their production efficiency, improve product quality" business philosophy, has also been brought into the diverse activities of the corporate culture of the infection, both sides look forward to work together together, the future success!

Jiangmen bring into mechanical invites global agents are welcome to come to consult and join!

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