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    Die-casting Mold Temperature Controller
    Introduction:Xiecheng Die-Casting Mold Temperature Controller is high function equipment developed specially for die-casting industry. Compared with competitors,this is with higher performance but more reasonable price and it si the best choice for customers of magnesium,aluminum and alloy die-casting.The advantage of this type controller is processing temperature up to 370 ℃ ;designed with advance process;High accuracy in controlling temperature,fast heat exchange,efficient and energy-saving.

    1.Maximum running temperature as 370 ℃ .
    2.Adopted microcomputer controller,easy to operate .P.I.D. dual-stage temperature control system maintains an accuracy of ±0.1℃
    3.Main pipes are made of uni-body stainless steel,with uniform heating and low-loss.
    4.Equipped with 304 stainless steel high temperature sluice value,with good heat resistant performance.
    5.With suficient safety production and alarming system.
    6.Optional for high temperature magnetic pump with stable performance and no leakage.
    7.Adopts indirect cooling method,which realizes fast heating,makes temperature controller more precise and stable.
    8.With automatic shutdown cooling protection function etc.
    9.With temperature detecting indication of oil return.
    10.Multi-machine parallel is customized.
    11.Sufficient safety protection and visible alarm,easy for maintenance.
    12.Using isolated electric control box, to extend the lives of electric appliances.


    Calculation Formula:
    Heating Power(KW)=mold weight(KG)*mold heat specific (Kcal/KG℃)*molding temperature difference(℃)xsafety factor/heating time/860
    Notice:Safety factor ranges from 1.3 to 1.5.

    Flow Rate(L/min)=Heating Power(KW)*860/[medium specific heat(Kcal/KG℃)*medium density(KG/L)*inlet and outlet temperature difference*time(60)]
    1.Water specific heat = 1Kcal/KG℃
    2.Heating Oil specific heat = 0.49Kcal/KG℃
    3.Water density=1KG/L
    4.Heating Oil density = 0.842KG/L


    Model 单位 Unit XC-TM18KW-370 XC-TM24KW-370 XC-TM36KW-370
    Temp. Control Range 370℃
    Temp. Control Accuracy P.I.D. ±0.1℃
    Power Supply AC3 380V 50HZ
    Heat Transfer Medium Heat Transfer Oil
    Cooling Method Indirect Cooling
    Heating Capacity KW 9x2 12x2 12x3
    Pump Power KW 1.5 2.2 3.75
    Max.Pump Flow L/min 50 165 200
    Max.Pump pressure KG/cm2 2.8 2.8 3
    Oil Tank Capacity Liter 30 30 30
    Alert Function  Phase-Missing/Water Insufficient/Over-Heat/Over Current
    Cooling Water Pipe mm 12 12 12
    Circulating Oil Pipe inch (1x1) (1x1) (1x1)
    Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1325*560*1110 1325*560*1110 1325*560*1110
    Approx.Net Weight KG 205 215 220


    We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.


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